Rosso Riserva Vineargenti

Rosso Riserva Vineargenti

from 18.99

In vineyard

This reserve is made from a blend of Merlot, Bordeaux vine, and Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso, native vine. Both cultivated in Lison, an area highly suitable for red grapes. The vineyards have a thick planting density and very low yields. Due to multiple grape harvests and selections on the same plot in which there are very few bunches per plant brought to the required levels of maturity, this is a wine that has to go through a long balanced aging process and final quality checks.

In cellar

After the late harvest, carried out by hand, the two varieties are vinified separately with lengthy maceration (30-35 days). Only at the end, during the definition of the blend, are the summer percentages of the cut agreed upon. The wine ages in casks for 15 months; at this stage the barrique becomes an oenological instrument in which different types of wood are selected and toasted to extol and balance the natural intensity and potency of the wine. The wine is then placed in 30 hl oak barrels to age, followed by 12 months of ageing in bottles.

In tasting

Blend of Merlot and Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso. High in reserve, it represents the maximum expression of the territory and of the Bosco del Merlo red wine. Vineargenti is distinguished by its compact ruby red colour. The scent is full of berries, with hints of thyme, sweet spices and dried flowers. The flavour is embracing, the tannins are soft and elegant, and on the palate a beautiful fruitiness persists.


  • Author’s label, signed by the internationally renowned artist Fabrizio Plessi.

  • Rich on the palate, with dense tannin texture and an embracing finale of fruit and spices.

  • Oscar del Vino and 5 Grappoli di Bibenda – Fondazione Italiana Sommelier, Rome, awarded to this great Reserve.


Accompanies high quality red meats, roasts and aged cheeses. Perfect with a roasted shin of pork. Enjoy at 18°C

Technical information

  • Bottle sizes: 0.75 l – 1.50 l – 3.00 l – 6.00 l – 9.00 l

  • 14% Alc. Vol.

  • Sulphite content: 100mg/l (-34% legal limit)

  • Sugars: 0 g/l

  • Acidity: 6

  • PH: 3.64

  • Vineyard Name: Vigneto Bosco

  • Location: Lison di Portogruaro

  • Planting density: 3 x 1.20 m – 2.20 x 0.90 m

  • Planting year: 1994 – 2000

  • Hectares: 2

  • Density: 2700 – 5050

  • Yield: 60 q/Ha

  • Bottles produced annually: 6,600


  • 5 Grapes Bibenda

  • 4 Viti in Vitae Guide

  • Gold Medal in Gilbert & Galliard Guide

  • Gold Medal at Berliner Wein Trophy

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