Chardonnay Nicopeja Doc Venezia

Chardonnay Nicopeja Doc Venezia

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In vineyard

This is a versatile grape variety which is largely influenced by the cultivation environment. Perfectly adapted to the terroir over the course of decades, thanks to clonal selection, Chardonnay Bosco del Merlo is distinguished by its finesse and elegance. As with the other white grapes on the estate, it is harvested in the early hours of the day in order to preserve its aromatic components as much as possible.

In cellar

Grape harvesting is carried out within a controlled environment (in the absence of oxygen). On part of the grape harvest, cryomaceration is performed for optimum extraction of the aromatic components which will add character to the wine. The must obtained by soft pressing is fermented at low temperatures, and then aged on fine lees in steel tanks for 4 months in order to obtain finesse and elegance.

In tasting

Chardonnay Nicopeja Bosco del Merlo is characterised by a brilliant pale yellow colour and a fresh, fragrant and typically fruity scent. Hints of varieties of golden apple are easily recognisable. The taste is inviting, with an agreeable acidic tone that exudes pleasantness.


  • When sipped cool, extremely fine, elegant and delicate.

  • Ever-present in the most prestigious of banquets.

  • Excellent as an aperitif and between meals.

What does Nicopeja mean?

Attributed to the Greek origins of the Madonna, it means “Bearer of victory”. It is the name of an icon kept in the Basilica of San Marco in Venice.


Perfect as an aperitif, it also combines well with starters, delicate first courses, with vegetables, both cooked and raw. Try it with fish, especially in delicate tartare (amberjack and green apple), fresh carpaccio (bass) and perhaps with some raw scampi. Enjoy at 8/10°C

Technical information

  • Bottle sizes: 0.75 l

  • 13% Alc. Vol.

  • Sulphite content: 120 mg/l (-40% legal limit)

  • Sugars: 3 g/l

  • Acidity: 6.7

  • PH: 3.26

  • Vineyard Name: Confinale

  • Location: Annone Veneto

  • Planting density: 3 x 1.20 m – 2.20 x 0.90 m

  • Planting year: 1991 – 2004

  • Hectares: 4.35

  • Density: 2700 – 5050

  • Yield: 70 q/Ha

  • Bottles produced annually: 35,000


  • 3 Grapes Bibenda

  • Oscar for the excellent value for money in the Berebene Guide by Gambero Rosso

  • 90 points in The Best Italian Wines Guide by Luca Maroni

  • 3 Viti AIS Vitae Guide

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