Amico Filò

Amico Filò


In vineyard

Obtained from white grapes, harvested at perfect maturity to achieve a good balance between scents and freshness.

In cellar

Soft pressing, static decanting and fermentation at low temperatures. The fermentation gives the wine an elegant and more noble taste.

In tasting

Wine with pale straw yellow colour with a fine and elegant pelage. The scent is fragrant, clean, with hints of fruit and white flowers. In the mouth it’s harmonious, fresh, lovely fruity and pleasant. Lean, however, has considerable persistence.

What does “Amico Filò” mean?

Is one of the historical wines of the estate. In the local dialect, the term “filò” indicates a joyful and carefree moment that was held in large country houses. Today, we propose it in a modern key, appreciated over time by many loyal customers.


Excellent and aperitif wine, finds happy combinations with traditional dishes, Venetian cicchetti and medium maturing cheeses.

Technical information

  • Sulphites: 110 mg / L (-53 % legal limit)

  • Sugar: 2,2 gr / l

  • Acidity: 6,2

  • PH: 3,15

  • Bottles produced annually: 24 000

  • Alcoholic content: 11% Volume

  • Serving temperature: 8-10°

  • Bottle size: 750 ml

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